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Hi, Replying to Janeen Mount. You can donate at Choir's web page, totalexperiencegospelchoir.org under the Plumfund Logo or follow this link https://www.plumfund.com/crowdfunding/patrinell-the-total-experience. Thank you for your interest and support.
We attended the free concert tonight and were told that we could donate at this website to Pat's retirement. I see no place to donate.
I moved to Seattle from Washington, D.C. in 1990. Right before Christmas that year, I heard about TEGC and went to see and hear you all at the Bright and Morning Star Baptist Church on Boren, I think it was. It was a very humble church, concrete walls, exposed pipes. I was sitting up in the balcony that looked right on you all and made you so close, it felt like I could reach out and touch you all. The first song I remember was Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. You all tore the roof off the place with that Rudolph. I had NEVER heard anything like that in my life (although I am from Gary, Indiana, and used to sit in the middle of the Roosevelt High School cheering section after my white school lost the first round of the basketball playoffs and swing and sway with those students because they were so hip). By the time you got into the second song, tears were streaming down my face because that choir just blew my mind. I never wanted to leave that little church. And as little and as humble as that little church was, I noted that the church was housing homeless people there at night. What a complete inspiration the whole experience was. Total experience indeed. Thank you, Pat. I would like to see TEGC once a week for the rest of my life. We are the same age. May you live until you are at last 100.
Is there a way to know upcoming performances. I can only find past events on your website. Thank you much
Love to hear you. Are you available to play and sing at my church and we'd invite the whole community? Pointe of Grace Lutheran church 5425 Harbour Pointe Blvd. Mukilteo, WA., 98275
Pastor Wright your music is wonderful! I would like to speak to you about performing at FEMA Region X Black History Program. Please give me a call at 425-487-2161.
Hello Pastor Wright I very interested in sing with your choir, God has given me a great heart and voice to sing and I have not used it in use it since I move to Washington from Los Angeles. My sister Tasleem told me about you choir. It would be an honor to get the chance to sing with you. Thank you for your time.
I cannot access the schedule as it says XML feed, and does not kick-out schedule. Is there another way to see schedule? I am HUGE fan. Thanks.
I was blessed to have been able totally experience the gift of your praising voices tonight at the university of Puget Sound; I left there with a feeling of renewal and refreshment...please continue to do His work..YOU ARE AMAZINGLY gifted and blessed
You came to our office today for a noon-time performance (Dorsey & Whitney). I just so LOVED your performance that I had to share the love! Thank you!! xo
god bless this choir members
The program at St. Peter's United Methodist Church last week was a huge success. The music you and the choir brought energized and lifted the spirits of everyone there. We loved it. Thank you and thank you. Amen.
I enjoyed listening to Total Experience I had to research through google to learn more about the choir. The choir caught my ear at the Northwest African American Museum hosting the ROOTS festival. Total Experience was Music to my ears and a joy to listen to. Thank You
Love, Joy and Enthusiasm!!! Willing to sing and serve for Jesus! Please feel free to contact me.
I so loved "duetting"with you from my spot in the audience at Bumbershoot 2013. The waves, smiles, kisses blown back and forth were much appreciated. I'm a pro singer and songwriter, and am sure hoping that we can collaborate. That would be great. I have songs for you! I wrote one for my friend Jacques Robinson, dad of Nate called So Ready To Go. I'm 65, so don't wait too long! :)
Listening to a Total Experience cd given to as a gift by Rotary member Bob Archey. I first met the Dynamic Lady Wright when we worked together at Metropolitan Savings and Loan. She continues to dazzle and delight. A Washington Treasure!
Anxious to have you back on the air at KBCS.fm
I have attended two Black Nativity performances in Seattle...so wonderful! Praising God for the blessing of His presence and joy in the midst of a community gathering ..you are following the prompting to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel". I hope to introduce my extended family to the experience. Looking forward to 2013 info. Continued blessings as you go about the Father's business.
Really enjoyed the concert on Vashon last night-September 14, 2013. You all are wonderful! So inspirational and uplifting.
Wow, I can't believe it was 40 years ago this spring that this little woman showed up in the music room at Franklin High School to take over our choir class. Mr. O.L. Mitchell, our Dean of Students, had let us start the class to give some of us wayward Black kids something to do besides just hang out in the basement. He even found us some old choir robes to wear. Pat was probably our 4th musician. Shortly after she took over, the pressure to close it all down got out of hand at Franklin and at Roosevelt. You know, the old separation of church and state thing. Pat told us, no problem - we could join together and rehearse at Mt. Zion. By summer it became a community choir and the name became TEGC. PRAISE GOD for His grace, mercy and favor!
I love your choir. I would love to start a community gospel choir in Kent Wa and need tips on how to start. Thank you for all you do.
How can i audition for this choir?
Loved seeing and hearing you this AM at Kent Naz. I am the lady that greeted you walking from the parking lot into the Church
Hi Pastor Pat! If its okay with you ill be doing a power point presentation on the Total Experience Gospel Choir(:
hi, just wanted to say keep up the good work, you always could sing. I remember you and your family. because I'm from carthage may you have many many more blessings
I went to the brunch at the Royal Room on Easter Sunday and I was blown away by the group. I love watching and hearing the group and you sing like an angel. Never seen anything like it I am a follower of the group. Love it... Terri
great site
Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks.
Great to see the continuous service rendered by this outstanding choir led by my friend and fellow worker for Gospel music Reverend "Pat" Wright. May God ever bless your every endeavor.
worked with these wonderful people many years ago in germany and seattle, God Bless you and love you keep fighting the good fight
Hi, Are you having auditions anytime soon? I would so love to sing with you!
I am looking for a choir that I can hire for my birthday party to sing only 1 song in honor of my twin sister's memory
Dear Rev. Pat, I am wondering if you ever have auditions. My partner and I have been draw to Total Experience for 5 years. Thank you, Ctherine
Loved Black Nativity. Can you put me on your email list
My lady friend and I have been looking for Gospel concerts in NJ but no luck so far. Would appreciate it if you would let us know of any good ones. Thank you very much Magdy
My family and I first discovered the Total Experience Gospel Choir in 2009 when I stumbled across a notice about a performance at shoreline Community College. It was love at first sight (and sound). We then discovered The Black Nativity and have been going to that for three years now since December 2010. We get a block of 7 seats (10 the first year, some moved since) and it is now our family tradition. We just saw the show last Tuesday (December 18, 2012) and came away uplifted and filled with love, hope and faith - as we always do. I think this is the only church experience my grown children and their children have all year, and I feel blessed to be able to share this with them and have especially my grandsons feel the love and the presence of God. Thank you all, and God bless you. I am already looking forward to next season. I love you all, Denise
Amazing Grace...how Sweet the Sound! Please send me information about how I might audition for your choir. I have worked with the Northwest Arts Group. I am 16 and enjoy classical, opera, Nat King Cole, Shakespeare, and so much more! Please contact my Mother at 206.551.0134. I look forward to hearing from you.
Good evening. I love the good job and I want to know if its possible to join the choir. Giving God praise is my lifestyle
o my Lord, i love your amazing voice. You know that i have a dream to see your perform. but i know that it's impossible :( Salam dari Indonesia!
Would love to know your holiday events calendar.
Really loved hearing your beautiful voices. They are so moving! We came to celebrate your 39 years and had a great time. We just wished we would have heard more gospel!! Gospel fro you guys or gues gospel choirs to help keep the mood up and beautiful.
I had such a great time performing with you all while I was in mime at the 2012 Brain Cancer Walk, you all moved me in great ways with your music. Thank you and bless you all. Just Sage http://www.sagealicious.info
My family had the opportunity to see you perform on Vashon Island recently and we were moved. What an amazing performance. We are hoping to make it to your anniversary performance as well.
Enjoyed your concert in Lake Charles LA August 20th, 2012. Wonderful!
Listening to your Choir sing is like listening to God sing its like watching a baby come to our world its just beautiful
Hey I just want to say once again that I really njoyed yall so much. I have really touch my heart so much. I appreciate u telling about your testomines. remember me in yours prayers and and I will remember u as well. Love ya very much.
I enjoyed your performance at St. Paul United Methodist Church, Texarkana, Tx. on 8/17/2012. It was just wonderful. I pray for you and the choir safe travel. I could have worship with the choir all evening.
Acts13:13 now when paul and his company loosed from paphos they came to perga in pamphylia and john departing from them returned to jerusalem set sail
Recently was reminded of the wonderful memories of the combined concert of the MICC (Mercer Island Childrens Choir) with the TEC in 1980. Our Church choir sang "Soon and Very Soon" and I could sing every word!! PTL!!
My daughter is interested in joining your choir.
Loved the performance on Good Friday 2012. I am a Total Fan!
Hi my name is Ashante when you were at the Martha Lake Elemantay I came up to u at the end and asked if I could join.
Pastor Pat, My twins have had the great privilege to sing with you through their high school in Sequim, Wa. in the past. I just watched an interview with you talking about your experiences with the choir in louisiana and gulfport ms. There was a connection I didn't know about until tonight. Bless you for what you have shared with my family directly and in a round about way. Just wanted to tell you also that if you remember my twins, they are in New York. Ant has his own web page now which you could find under ISAIAH J.O.N.E.S I am sure a word of encouragement from you would mean a LOT to him, and to Jenn who has also a Facebook acct. I am sure that you don't know that I learned to love Collards because of you, so thanks for that too! God Bless you Pastor Pat. PMeier
I saw you at the Black Nativity and would like to know what church you sing at so I can hear more. Thank you
First time I saw TGEC was the late 80's and have enjoyed every stage along the way. My 3rd time seeing Black Nativity (last night),was stimulating as ever. Next time I must get last row seats so I can dance & sway standing--think I rocked the seat out of the bolts, esp. during the Electric Slide!
See you at church. Pastor Pat
What a beautiful choir! What an honor to be able to say I know thos folks. What an honor to say I can call them friends. Just a shout out to Pastor Pat, a true lady. It is such an honor to say taht I am mentored by you and that I can consider myself to be in your company as a minister! You are truly gifted by God. He has blessed you greatly and it is a joy to watch you walk in your gift. Can't wait for Black Nativity. Until then Be blessed choir and sing praises!
Pastor Pat, it was nice meeting you today at Microsoft. My little son was sure delighted to clap along and join in praising our risen Savior!
Pat, sorry I did not make today's (10/23/11) 38th anniv. celebration; neuropathy pain got the better of me. But I'm sending you a check. I'm getting a new photo strobe light to help photography in churches w/ big/high roofs to help "capture the action." I'll donate my services if you'd like (I always appreciate a credit line). My work's not for money. I'm not a web expert, but always learning! Love to help... Love, Greg
Happy 38th! May God continue to bless and keep the joy of the music flowing!
I will like to join your choir ministry.l love it when ever l hear them singing a song to praise God.But l sing tennor as a part
Each time praise has been ushered in by this phenomenal group, the Spirit of the Lord is in the midst. I pray God continues to cover the leadership, the voices, and the praise for the glory of God!
‎"At Last My Love Has Come Along" Thank God!!! The Vision has come true. Get Ready! Get Ready for the Grand Opening!! Friday, October 7, 2011, 9:00 a.m. @ 575 East Lake Mead Parkway in Henderson, NV
We just got home following the concert put on the choir in Edmonds. My mother is visiting from California to see her very ill sister. Your music thrilled and encouraged her greatly!!! Thank you so much for your dedication to uplifting music and to share your love for God. You made a huge impact on Mom!!
Good Day Pastor Wright: God has certainly used you for His service. This is my first time as a visitor. And at the suggestion of a choir member who drives cab for the North End Taxi Company and plays instruments with an orchestra(he gave me a company biz card with the T.E.G.C.website, and told me to check it out. I hv been complaining about the lack of Music Opertunities in Seattle. I write music and like 2 sing and would like 2 audition for your choir (he/the cabbie) said I should try...) I am alcohol/drug free... Texans hv a special talent 4 music. It wd. be great 2 be equally yoked musically and it would be an honor to hear your choir again. I read at awe at the music you've done with others. I was just listening to a Steeley Dan CD yesterday(Monday) I currently live in Lake City and will seek refuge in a more compatible community when and if God is willing. There are not many Christians here. My opinion only. I have been made 2 feel more uncomfortable than needs be. Oh, my complaining again. Got 2 read my morning scriptures. God Bless you, your family, the choir and it's efforts, Calvalita (206) 853-4152
hi all from portland your music inspired us to be better christians love from your singing partner, bill
I would love to be there
You are invited to our 1st Annual Gospel fest on September, 25, 2011 at 5:00pm. Please let me know if you will be able to attend the N.J. State Gospel choir concert. We are just starting out and it will be an honor to have you there.
On 4/15 you sang at my dad's (Jerry McArthur) funeral. I've never heard the group sing before but you are all truly amazing. My dad was sick for about 1 year with cancer, he planned many aspects of his funeral prior to his death. He wanted the service to be a celebration of his life. You and the group brought the songs he choose to life, my dad would have loved it! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for making my choir tour amazing! Being able to sing at the fireside with you as well as at your church was one of best experiences I have ever had in my life. I was touched by your songs, message and most especially by your spirits. Continue to uplift others with your music and please visit the Mountain View Choir in Orem Utah sometime soon! PS: I want to join a gospel choir now!!!
My 10 year old son and I participated in tonight's workshop and concert in honor of MLK and his message of unity. It was a spirit lifting experience. It is bedtime and I can hear my son singing the songs we learned today.
First time singing at the Singout! on Bainbridge Island tonight. What a fantastic experience! Thanks to all, especially Reverend Wright and the tall tenor who helped me out!
Looking for audition information not available via your website. Thankyou God Bless.
I went to see the Black Nativity musical I loved it!!I'm also wondering how I can join your choir? I would be honored to join plus I believe with others that I can sing.
My wife, Di'Ana & I went to your performance last night in Shoreline. We took along a friend of ours & her 8 year old daughter who were not in a position to afford the show. They both love music & are gifted singers themselves! It was a real treat for them & us too! (when we picked them up, Astacia (8 yr old) had her Bible with her & we talked about the good book all the way to the show.) We all enjoyed the praise music & just wanted to thank you all & the Lord for such a perfect evening!! It was perfection!!! Thanks for keeping the Christ in Christmas music!!!
I hear y'all have expanded Black Nativity downtown!! I miss all of you every Christmas and am sending you much love and devotion from a snowy Washington DC!
I would love to attend your Gospel Choir performance. I have heard so much about it. We are Catholics and would love some information, even though we belong to a Catholic Church, Immaculate Conception in Everett, Washington
I am the aunt of The Brooks sisters. May God continue to bless!!!
Jai rocks the drums, I love seeing TEGC when I can
Thank you SO MUCH for the impromptu singing of Happy Birthday to our dear friend Myrtle while in Carthage, Texas, October 30th. It made her special day even more special. It was a real pleasure meeting Pastor Pat and all the talented members of TE. It's funny how small this world is sometimes. All of you living in the Great Northwest where we used to be. Sharing our stories of the small towns we lived in (Ms. Whitney from LaConner) was great fun! Can't wait to see you again when I return to Washington.
Thanks for singing at Woodland Hills Baptist church, Longview, TX yesterday. It was such a blessing!
Congradulations on 37 years of excellence. I am so glad I was a part of such a wonderful experience. May God continue to Bless and keep you. I Love You and will always Love You!!!!
where are you located.
Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am still buzzing from the "absolutely through the roof" performance by Rev. Wright and TEC in celebration of my 50th birthday. The power, beauty and sheer fun in the moment rocked the house. You are all very special to me -- I am forever moved & grateful. Ann Carey
I just wanted to say Hi and that I remember all the good times I had singing and playing the congo's. Those bus trips across the country and all the motel we stayed in. Good times and good people.
Are you doing the Peace Arch gospel workshop & concert in Blaine this year? We have been soooo looking forward to it after our our first time last year!
So... since MY findger was faster than my thoughts- please, to add: "And I am praying my thanks to the Lord and to you this day. The gift of song IS a gift of love. patty d
I was blessed to be in the audience at Indianola last night. More than once I felt the power and love during a performance that was OUTSTANDING.
Thank you so much for coming to Indianola and allowing me to sing with your wonderful group. Your spirit and music truly moved me (I sang in the back row, long dark hair!). I work at King's Schools in North Seattle and would love to have your group perform. Will follow up on this. Blessings, Constance
May god continue to bless your ministry!!! from Your friends at Yes Lord Radio! http://www.yeslordradio.com
I want to congratulate the Total Experience Choir and Pastor Pat Wright for the many years of service, songs and dedication to the community and the world. I have been blessed and proud to have followed all of your work all these years. May God continue to bless you all for the work you do.
Hi Pastor I remember visisting my brother Deric and he was singing on this choir and I was able to hear your choir during rehearsal. What a Joy.. Much love Elise Donaldson
I learned of your group on the CD "Lifted: Songs of the Spirit." "Joy to the World" makes me want to get out of my car and dance in the road.
Thank you, thank you, for your beautiful performance at the SODA fundraiser today. It was an amazing TOTAL experience!!!:-) Lena Bundy
Thank You so much for coming to Black River High School today for our closing ceremony. You are an amazing group. Hope to hear you again with Danny Vernon at the Emerald Queen. Thank for making some wonderful memories.
Saw you for the first time at St. Marks last night. Your group is amazing. We are so looking forward the the Benefit for Haiti Benefit concert this month.
I have enjoyed looking through the web site. I heard you recently on Seattle Channel/Art Zones with Nancy Guppy. I hope to hear the choir in the near future.
saw/heard you sing at Olympic celebration, westlake today....through the roof baby!!! through the ROOF! wright on...
I love to listen to your gospel music on the tube!!! It would be soooo cool to sing with you some day. Bless you :-) Ed Joy Gospel Choir Braunschweig, Germany
Pat, saw/heard you sing at Olympic celebration, westlake today....through the roof baby!!! through the ROOF! wright on...
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein ! what is the point of this quote ?
Pastor Staten-Wright, I ran across your web site while searching for something totally different. hope you remember our family,and especilly my sister Bobbie Rayson-Greer. Such a wonerful, wonderful suprise.
I SO enjoyed your performance at my church, Alki Cong. UCC, on the 14th. What a treat, and what joy you bring! Thank you.
Wonderful page! From PAT I learned what Gospel means really. Till today I love Gospel ! Would like to see you all again. Love Brigitte
I really missed you all I have had a second back surgery and it has not been fun . But still i hope you keep me informed so i can come to some ot the engagements and support cuase Pat you have been my angel when i just thought of doing a play in the past some how someone would contact me and ask me to come in for a audition. and then that one day i ran into you at the Mcdonalds by the seattle center and you said to me have you guessed who was the one telling the different Theatre groups to call me and you let me know it was you and i always wanted to say to you thank you from the bottom of my heart. And i will always appreciate you for ever. Love you always and thank you so much and may God continue to cause his face to shine upon you. and wish you many many Blessings.
dear miss wright, we were hoping to see you at the crossroads tomorrow in bellevue. but, we will look for you again soon.my daughter michele and i have followed you for years! i am 92 now and i don't get into seattle very often. we want so much to hear and see the black nativity program next year, god willing, my love and praise to you and all that you do, thank you, dorie~
Please let me know if there is any room for my 10 year old son to possibly audition or join your choir.Please contact me via e-mail if this is possible.thankyou for your time.
I met Mrs.Wright today,and I was trully inspired by her knowledge of God,and her understanding and obedience to HIS purpose for her life.
I am 12 years old and I want to join a Gospel Choir, I have joined the school one and am performing at the RAH but want to join a new choir.
Hello, again. I was wondering if there's any more room in the total experience gospel choir for me?if its possible can I meet you and introduce myself to you pastor and I am a huge fan and I am 17 yrs old and I live in seattle, wa and if your interested in meeting me you can email me and you can reach me at 206-721-0154 please give me a chance pastor and thank you godbless.
Hello,I am truly a great big fan of the total experience choir and I am a singer and I been searching all over to see and look and to find a way to reach paster pat wright to ask and figure out how I can join and become a member of the choir....please help!>>>>godbless.
Dear TEGC and Pastor Pat: Thank you for a fabulous renewal vows ceremony and celebration! Your voices lifted our hearts and spirits. Your presence made our wedding 10 years ago and now renewal ceremony a very memorable, blessed occasion. Thank you, thank you.
Hi, I'm from Japan. I just want to see the choir. What could I do?
Hello, I am wondering if I can audition for the choir? Thank you.
Hello, I recently took voice lessons and would love to sing in a gospel choir. Is there a way to join the Total Experience Gospel Choir? If so, I would like to try out. Thanks! Kim
Hello! My name is Alice, I`m from New York but live in Paris now. I love classic music
I like the chior.
Thank you so much for coming to our Facility today Spring Estates Senior Living Community. Our residents are still talking abut it and think that you guys are amazing .. I will bring my daughter in and maybe with your guys help we can get her out of her shell and you can hear her wonderful voice too.. :)
Miss you, think about you guys alot. Please send up to date pics by email. Love you
um........ my friend samantha waltz and i want to join a choir for our age we are in the 6th grade.
I love this choir. I met the group by youtube. I need the version full of song: " Steal away", because the video on youtube is not completed. God bless you hard and awsome work.
my heart is absolutely touched by everything I've heard and read about Pastor Wright and TEGC. God has and is using you all. And His work is a good work.
I love this choir and the message that it sends. I write music and would love nothing more than to hear your choir singing it. God willing someday, right? Have a wonderful blessed season of singing!
Thank you Pat for pushing me forward and believing in me even when I wasn't sure for myself! My experiences with the choir has shaped my life in so many ways -artistically and personally. I think of you all from time to time and miss you all.
Excellent work, Nice Design
I've been struggling with a 17 year old daughter lately and decided to attend the Friday night service in hopes of some inspiration to help me love her through these troubled years. I came home with the thought of being grateful for her instead of fighting her. thank you for your music and inspiration.
I'm bursting with joy this morning! I attended the Bainbridge Island SING OUT 2009 yesterday and the music you brought to the island, to the world, filled my heart with hope and joy! And then hearing the choir and room sing happy birthday to me was the highlight of my whole life! I just stood there and received the music and your beautiful spirits in all that unspeakable glory. Thank you for making this a birthday I'll never forget and for all you have done and continue doing. You bring light to the world!!!!! Thank you!
I recently enjoyed singing in the combined choirs under the direction of James Connor at the MLK services at St James on Saturday January 10th, 2009. I enjoyed singing in the combo choir with Total Experience the services were so beautiful and it was so much fun and such a blessing to make new friends and connections! I sing at Immaculate Conception with Gospel Truth Choir-director Sherrill Mitchell & James Connor and with Judah Song director Cora Jackson. I look forward to another opportunity to enjoy the annointed voices of the Total Experience choir.
The Guiding Lights Network, on behalf of a grateful community and country, is proud to name Pastor Pat Wright the Mindful Mentor of the Year for 2009. Come celebrate and honor Pastor Wright at The Guiding Lights Weekend at our Saturday Night Celebration, January 31. Dinner begins at 5:30pm. Please pre-register to attend this community event at www.guidinglightsnetwork.com. Questions? Call Jena Cane at 206.905.8333x202.
Would love to book your choir and get you to come and bring a word. I Pastor a church in Conroe Tx. for 12 yrs. My cel.713 4449504
Hi folks, I just have been watching some of your Youtube recordings and just being blown away by you all, and the great work of Pastor Pat! I first saw you in the late 80's when you did a show for KCTS with Charlie Murphy, and those songs have rattled around my head for 20 years! I have been singing with the Universal Gospel Choir up here in Vancouver and just wanna give a big "Hey" out to you all. Your impact is felt in places you don't even know about (yet!). love to you all, Patti
Hello Patrinell Wright I remember when came to Lake Charles La I was just a kid. I adopted u back then as Mom. Love always Pam
I attended the Black Nativity play last Friday and it was awesome. Pastor Pat Wright was so energetic and her vocals were at absolute best as usual. Total Experience and the Black Nativity choir were phenomenal! I love your ministry and look forward to the legacy that will continue to impact the lives of many all accross this world. Ivan Tacoma, WA
Great site, keep working for the Lord. I pray for peace, blessings and prosperity over your life. God bless you. http://lyricshare.ning.com
Just saw your Obama campaign video Rise Up, Change Awesome!!!!!!!!
HAPPY 35th ANNIVERSARY from Germany!
I came to your 35th Anniversary celebration and it is so beautiful.
Did you guys come to Northshore Junior High recently? I think I've seen you.
I saw this group in the summer of 2008 at Soap Lake, WA. I would love to see them do a DVD so that some of the small churches could see this extraordinary group.
I live in Bend and am looking to join a singing group-- is this one in our area and is it open for new members?
Please let me hear your vergin of Life Every Voice And Sing.Its the most Beautiful song I've ever heard. Marie Williams
dear ms wrightwe met briefly in a restaurant in seatlle when you saw my katrina kitchen shirt and struck up a conversation. we were on our way to cambodia for a mission trip, I am interested in further disscussion about the choirs participation in the next rice for cambodia project. please e mail me if you can. thank you. Bob
Hello everyone! I'm home one day after the trip, and I cannot describe my experience in words. Thank you so much for the opportunity to become apart of your family. I love you, miss you and hope to see you soon!
I like This site! Thanks!
I had the opportunity of meeting and talking with Mrs. Wright on her visit to Walnut Grove at the family Reunion and really enjoyed her and the choir when they song at Pleasant Valley church in Carthage Texas. I look forward to them coming back to the East Texas area and visiting with us again. I love you all so much and Thanks for being so loving and singing undr the anointing of God. God bless you all.
I enjoyed you on August 11,2008.I am a product of the late J.D. Roberts of Walnut Grove,daughter of James Roberts. Only what you do for christ will last!!!!!
you just got done singing in my lobby! amazing! it was truly a blessing to have the privilege to hear all of you sing. it was amazing! i hope god continues to bless all of you! you are all simply just amazing! god bless truett calvert- the guy at the front desk in marshall
I just saw your choir perform at the Center for Spiritual Living on March 2 and you were amazing! Very uplifting, spirit-filled, joyful music. Thanks for sharing your gifts with our community. Blessings to you all! Regards, http://www.termpaperquest.com
How or when can someone audition for this group? Thank you
My daughter and I saw you perform today in Bend, OR. We were part of the gospel choir of the cascades and we stayed after to watch. I knew that your choir would be awesome, but your music brought me to tears and that was something I never expected. I can not begin to explain how beautiful each and every voice in your choir was and how every song moved me. Thank you so much for coming. That was the lift I needed. You are truly a blessing.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! You did an amazing performance at our revival in Bellingham, WA at Living Water Fellowship. We loved every minute of it and we plan not only to invite you back but travel to the other areas that you are performing at to get MORE! Thank you for your ministry. You are blessed to be a blesssing. God's Love, Ann
I just wanted to say I have had the undeniable pleasure of experiencing your performances twice in the last 10 years, and they serve as an inspiration to me still. God Bless.
Fabulous Workshop & Concert. Pat and The Total Experience Gospel Choir give 110% of their time and energy to provide a joyous and loving learning environment. This was my first time to attend one of your workshops and to participate in a concert. I had such a wonderful time that I am planning on attending again; because the experience was so rich for me. Thank You!
..Somewhere in the wilderness sitting at the table that God prepared for us while reading the 91st Psalm, - was Pats Wrights Divine Idea made manifest with her Total Experience Gospel Choir! We are so grateful for all that you and yours do. One of my wishes had come true yesterday. That fervent desire for my daughter to participate in a Gospel Workshop. My daughter and me are very close. Your favorite song -yours,"Pat Wright" reflected our life and how we live it and made it here to the northwest I felt closure and a deeper sense of peace now as for the distance and adversity we have overcome with joy much laughter all the way was rewarded by you and yours. It IS the music. It was inspired by Love and that Love is the Author of all Good and his infinite manifestations. Harmony is Love. Love is God. You are the best dessert after sitting at that Table-
Pat, Would you be interested in doing a collaboration of your gospel music with Michael Stillwater's chant music? I thought of how great that would sound as I was listening to him sing the other night, and when he said that you were the one who told him what his songs were, I knew I had to try and reach you. I don't have your number anymore, but his is (415) 884-4483, and know he'll be in Seattle at least until Wednesday since we are going to a song ceremony with him that night. Hope I'll soon hear your combined talents in song! Blessings, CJ
I miss you guys!
love the music!i was also wondering if your choir is ever looking for new people to join the experience? if so, how and when could one do this?
I am glad to see that gospel music is alive and doing well.I pray God uses me as He has used the T.E.G.C. Love and blessings from above Lisa
I just spent a joyful evening hearing you sing at LW United Methodist. I'm not a member there, but I'm so glad they put out a sign advertising your concert. You lightened my load and brightened my day. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. God bless your work in New Orleans - I'll be praying that your way will be made straight and that all you meet will know you are of the Lord. Peace be with you!
+ Hopin' to sing with you once again... this is now my catchy song!
Hi there, I just watched the 'Fired up, Ready to go' song! Powerful! I'm totally behing you guys + you're doing a great job over there! Many blessing and Take Care! Your friend Dorothy from Berlin, Germany
"Aunt Pat" I stumbled across the page while signing up for GMWA 2008. It is great to see that you are still together. I miss the choir and I will never forget what you have done for me. I now work with three choirs of my own and will be starting up a community choir in the fall of 2008. I know what it mean to give you all as you did when I was with the choir and like I said I will never, never, never forget you or the choir. God bless.
Hello, Patrinell Wright! My name is Andrey Falko. I am musician. 16 years ago I used to play like a bassist in special concert with Patrinell Write, Patric and Kent Stevenson in Kazan (1992 Russia). I would like to say for Patrinell Wright so much good words! Me and my friends musicians (who playd in this concert) recollecting our meeting often. Now,all of us living in Moscow. All of us still playing music. May be, this is result of our meeting so years ago :) With Best wishes from Moscow!
Greetings Sis. Write, this is Sis. Angela Muhammad. You know me through King King, and the Nation of Islam. I want to teach my third grade class the song Lift every Voice and Sing' for a Black History Assembly at our school in Feburary. I wan to use your track. How do I get a copy of the choir singing it and May I use it as a teaching tool and possibly the backgroud rhythm? E-mail me or call me. 206-841-4542 or home 720-0451. Thank you for your concideration. Sis. Angela Muhammad
Dear Pat, It was an honor and pleasure to be working with you. Best regards, Arturo 206-276-6401 www.arturorodriguez.com
Thank God for the gospel you are the most talented people I truly enjoyed Black Nativity it is an awsome production and gets better each year. Keep doing Gods will and you'll continue to be blessed.
I send holiday wishes for peace, love, health, and happiness to the Total Experience Gospel family. I hope to be able to spend time with you all again in 2008. Steve Lipman, Berklee College of Music
Hello Total Experience Choir!! I enjoyed singing with some of you for Black Nativity 2007! May God continue to bless your ministry! XOXOX
I attended The Black Nativity tonight and was greatly moved by the music and the talent of the men and women performers. Thank you for such a great blessing. My heart is filled by the spirit of God!! bless you all.
My daughter is almost 5 and loves to sing. I am looking fot a way to introducing her to singing in a choir. Where should I start. Do you have young singers? I would love to get some advice. She is a little angel.
hi,mrs wright I also attended turner high class of 59.I remember you.it is good news to know that you and your family are such good work for the LORD may he continue to bless you all mary hinton
I have seen and read the many notes and comments that have been left and I must say I am proud and blessed to have been apart of this dynamic choir... Pat Wright is one of the BEST choir directors I have ever had opportunity to sing under the direction of and I am PROUD to be AN ALUMNI of this superb and blessed group... to all I know and those still going on strong, keep doing what your doing. Much Love, Ronald Corsey
Hello, I've enjoyed reading your website and learning more about your history, experiences, causes, and performances. I'm from San Diego and am having a hard time finding a good church home with a gospel choir that I can join. Singing is truly one of my passions that I've enjoyed in ministry. I'm looking for a local community choir to join and did't see informaion on your site for audition dates. I'm deeply interested in doing this in the near future. Please let me know if you do have auditions and I'll come to one in the near future. God Bless, TaNeashia
I saw your site through search engine. I am a music director who found a choir just 2006. I have organised several concert but needed advise from you. Thanks
Hi there! I'm from the University of the East chorale-Philippines. I am so happy we met friends like you, your music is so nice.. We hope to see again.. God bless you always! anyway you can visit our website www.uechorale.com
just wanna say hellow...i was so inspired and blessed to your songs..keep up the great job!..congratulations to all of you...God Bless You!
Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you guys have inspired me. I see that you have been able to share your music ministry through out the world! Keep up the great work! Come by and visit us: www.myspace.com/1zionmovement
Thank you for sharing your soulful voices in Busan Choral Festival and Competition.. Im Dale from the University of the East Chorale Philippines.. Congratulations for winning the silver award in popular category..
i first heard the tegc at the edmonds art festival many years ago. then went to hear you sing at your church in downtown seattle. you were raising money for new mic's. you were so awesome. pls let me know if you will be making any local appearences for the christmas season. we've loved your music for many years.
Thank you! I Love Total Experience Gospel Choir, I meet Total Experience Gospel Choir to 2007 Busan Choral Festival & Competition Encounter Concert, For me Sign, Thanks! I Love Total Experience Gospel Choir!! I want to meet (her-> they)someday! Bye! From Your Korea Fan!!(I was not good in English, Sorry.)
Hello~ I heard your song in Sung-Min church, Pusan Korea.I've never heard such a free gospel like you.Here in korea,gospel teams are mostly formal.So your performance was very impressive. And the times was very gracious all together. Thank you for your visiting. God bless you~!
Thank you! I Love Total Experience Gospel Choir, I meet Total Experience Gospel Choir to 2007 Busan Choral Festival & Competition Encounter Concert, For me Sign, Thanks! I Love Total Experience Gospel Choir!! I want to meet her someday! Bye! From Your Korea Fan!!(I was not good in English, Sorry.)
Hello, yeah it's me!! Just had to stop by and show some luv. Seems I haven't seen you for years!!! Boy do I miss it!! But I want you to know that I love you all and miss you very much. As soon as I can I'm gonna come out there you hear!! Seriously though, I miss you guys. I pray all is well. Please keep in touch. Please keep your event notifications coming so I can keep up. Love you all. Your son/brother, Derek
The performance by your choir at the Arts Alive function for YWCA was awesome! It was the highlight of the evening and I am certain put people in the proper frame of mind to support the Alive Shelter. Thank you for what you do for the spirit of others.
I want to thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring performance at the 2007 Evergreen A Cappella Festival this past week at the A Cappella Showcase. I hope the Evergreen District (BHS) can do more collaborative performances together. Thank you for the music.
Where can we see you this holiday season?
I want to thank all of you. I was the recipient of the $250.00 that you brought to Mississippi in May 2007, to help us ship our car to Seattle, when we relocated back here, after having gone through Katrina. Thank you so much.
This may be a pipe dream but do you ever perform at weddings? If so, how much do you charge. My daughter is getting married Sept. 2009 and music has played an important part in her life. Linda
I just found your page and stopped by to say hello.It´s so great to see you (even if it is just on pictures)!I still remember the workshop in Hamburg in 1999 and the Juneteenth Celebration in 2000-it was such a joy to sing with you!I still think of you and miss you...hope you´re all feeling well!Take care,much love from Germany
I have always loved choir music, especially gospel. What steps would one take to sing in a choir like yours? I have a musical background, and experience singing in both our church choir, as well as our high school chamber choir, but this was many years ago. Any suggestions?
Hello TEGC!! This comment is so late in coming to you, but I just had to take a moment and let you all know what a blessing your presence on the MS Gulf Coast was during the 2nd anniversary of hurricane Katrina. We love you all SO much!! Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. We think of you every Tues. nite, wishing we could be there and your cd's are getting worn out!! Take care and God bless you all! I miss you!
Pastor Pat, Just got a chance to check out your webb-page. It really looks great. Chile', I'm just glad to say I know you. Hope you are still kicking high. Much Love, Miss Edna
Thank you so much for coming to Centralia College. What an enjoyable evening it turned out to be.
I'm grateful to have worked with such of a phenomenal group! I love you all very much! And Pat, there is no one else like you!! ;-)
Hi, my name is Sara Krassin and I am very interested in chorale/gospel singing. I was wondering if I could get some information on the choir and new members. Thanks!
Hi Pat: Just a note to say thankyou again for coming to Maplewood. The group is wonderful and my face ached all Sun. for smiling so much. Beverly Moore and I had hoped to get down there for a rehearsal but she had to get some emergency dental work done. We will get there. I am so interested!! Thanks again. God Bless, Barb St. John*
I saw the Total Experience Gospel Choir at Pacific Lutheran University in 1988. Wow. It is was truly a wonderful experience. I hope that they will be performing at the 2007 Evergreen A Cappella Festival in Bellevue, WA this October. For more information: http://www.acapellafestival.org Thank you for your music. Edwin P. Dierdorff, Jr. Tenor/Lead Northwest Sound Men's Barbershop Chorus 2005 Evergreen District Chorus Champions Evergreen District Historian 29 year member of the Barbershop Harmony Society
you are awesome
We were invited to by freinds to see yall in Laurel Ms August 30. Our freind is a relative of Cammilla. It was a great and lifting show. You have a very special choir and we really enjoyed the show. Thanks for all you do. Raymond & Ronda Bond
Have been going through an unusual amount of stress lately (the I-could-pull-my-hair-out kind!). However, after seeing Pat and TEGC perform at our church-Grace UMC, Lincoln, NE--I felt a huge weight has been lifted! In fact, I wanted to hear more, so the next day we drove to Auburn, NE to be filled yet again by this wonderful group. God bless you all ... keep doing what you're doing! Sincerely, Ruthie Andrews P.S. Pat -- Really enjoyed visiting with you. You are a GIFT! Hope to see y'all again soon!
We attended your performance last night in Lincoln, NE at Grace United Methodist Church. What a moving, religiious experience. Thank you so much for coming & sharing your talent. I will certainly pass the word to our church music director & hope to bring you back to Lincoln and my daughter at ISU in Ames, IA. She is active in the church choir there & would love to have you! Many thanks! Sincerely, Donna Baddeley
Please email me your upcoming performance date, time and location. Thank you
Looking forward to your stop in Omaha @ Sharon SDA church.
Hey, just wanna let you guys know that although we are miles apart, you are not forgotten. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith and keep it real. Derek
I realize this thanks is coming a little late but some of your choir members sang at my brothers memorial - Darryl Thomas. He has been gone now for 7 years but I will never forget the music you brought to a very somber moment in our families lives. Thank you so much for that memory which still lives on today. I've seen The Black Nativity several times and hopefully will be there again this year. May God continue to bless your ministry as you reach out to so many who do not know the goodness, grace and mercy of our Awesome God and his Son Jesus! Rodg
Dh just told me he's getting us tickets for the Sunday morning of Jazz in the Valley here in Ellensburg for my birthday and I'm very excited! It will be great to be a part of your performance. Looking forward to it!
I wrote a new "Glory To The Newborn King" that I would like for you to come by and hear. I am availabe at your convience. Thanks, HHodge
I just want to say keep up all the great work you are doing.
bonjour trop genial d avoir jouer avec vous en 2005 a paris a l eglise st rock et a l eglise a quand des concerts en france?suis pres a jouer a nouveau pour vous avec mon amitier a bientot peut etre theo
Special moments, special thoughts: what a wonderful start I had with Pat and her choir at Seattle. It changed my whole life. So often I think back. I am so thankful for all had happen there, in believe and in my heart. I can sing with all my soul now for the Lord. Hello to everybody who knows me. www.goinspiration.de
Hi Pat: It was so good to see you last summer at Rainier Square during the 2006 Summer Concert Series. I hadn't seen you in a few years, and it was great to see Kent!! Hope you had a great time in Japan. Since I've moved back to Seattle from Atlanta, I will keep with you and the choir and any appearances, since I was there to see you from the beginning of Total Experience. I see you are performing next Tuesday at Westlake, so I will be there. Love you - Jewell
You performed for the Beta Sigma Phi convention last weekend and I was totally amazed! Thank you for all that you do!
Thanks so much for bringing your love and spirit to Blaine, WA on June 23. The workshop and concert were joyful experiences!
Thank you Reverend Wight and all the Choir. Your singing in Kingston, WA was inspirational. It was indeed Joy, Love and Enthusiasm. It was a time that we won’t forget. God Bless you all.
Please put me on your mailing list. Peace, Laura
I listened your Choirs for the first time TV in Japan,Today. Very exellent! I could understand contents of the gospel for your explanation. Thank you!! From Yokohama
I heard you sing at the SAM opening earlier this month. You all were stupendous!! I am wondering if you have any ongoing gospel singing classes that you teach? I am in my 50s and have taken up learning to sing. Your music sings to me. Thank you, Sheila Wiley
Ms. Pat, I don't know if you remember me, but I was in the T.T. minor choir when you first came to our school and directed our choir with Sunny Byers. Sometimes, I would go with you to sing with the Total Experience gospel choir. I am in the 9th grade now and I still remember how much you changed our choir in a good way. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Hey guys, I know your in Japan right now but wanted to send my congrats for the interview on ABC News. My parents called me to watch! Congrats!! Keep up the work for the Lord. Peace
God Bless you and your beautifull Music. I love to sing and love Gospel will meet in the Celetial Choir if not on Earth.
Has sanjaya and Rev Pat Wright been to Second Baptist Church in ann Arbor?
Hi! Your choir is soo good :] If you ever get the chance to talk to Sanjaya, please give him all my love. Thanks :]
Pat- I caught the special on tv about your experiences and I really was moved. You have placed all your energy in the right direction. I commend you on your drive and willingness to help others. Seeing what you have done is remarkable. I wish you much success in the future. Lisa- A new fan!
Happy 10th Church Anniversary! We met actually 10 years ago in Luneberg, Germany - do you still remember?!? Our 10th Anniversary, too...! And I will certainly never forget that very special event when I first met you... You guys are always in my heart, mind and soul! :-)Dorothy
Sanjaya Chariot Video was so spirit filled. I enjoyed it and hope that he continues to do more gospel recordings. May God continue to give him favor in all that he does. Thank you.
Praise Him! Just wanted to see how you all are doing and get updated on upcoming events. Looking forward to hearing the new CD!!!
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still humming/swaying from last night's concert for Monarch in Olympia! I've known OF you for years, but this was my first opportunity to SEE/HEAR you. Glorious! I told my friend we'd just been to our first worship service of the weekend. :^> A couple of faces looked really familiar. Any Amer. Baptists in the group??
i can't wait for you guys to come back to sequim and sing for us...each and every single one of you are amazing singers!!
Let us joy and joy for our God Is beautiful good and very holy ,let our voice of his salvation be hear in everywhere and peace may fil us,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
I just saw your choir perform at the Center for Spiritual Living on March 2 and you were amazing! Very uplifting, spirit-filled, joyful music. Thanks for sharing your gifts with our community. Blessings to you all!
It's so good to see the Total Experience is still going strong. I was going through some items and came across my red uniform (one green sleeve/one red) and wondered what TEGC was doing. I was in the choir a little more than 20 years ago and it was a wonderful part of my spiritual and social life growing up. Continued Blessings!
Listening to The Truth this AM and heard two of your songs:Drums @ Voices and Sometimes I feel Like A Motherless Child. Are they on tape/CD so I can purchase them?
Saw your program on KCTS. It was great and you are great. My wife and I are too old to travel but you could bring your group to Wenatchee any time
What a wonderful choir ...a great instrument of God's kingdom ...Thank u Brotha's and Sistah's in Christ for Givin to the Lord..u know what I mean...for me that's a job right there that each and evryone of u are doin..the most High Class Job Ever in this Whole Entire World..isn't that wonderful ..Oh! What a Blessing to be used by God Himself ..Thank U Guys..Founder ..and To God Be The Glory
Had the pleasure of meeting you recently at Guiding Lights and saw you on KCTS tonight. SO glad you finally landed on my radar. You have my support in your continued speading of Love, Joy, and Enthusiasm around the world. God Bless. And Thank You.
I would love to audition for your choir. Are you accepting new members? Please tell me when and where if you are. Thank you so much Pam Granston
Holy is the God again today,and he will seek the lose ment that he may help them and save and heal them in Christ.Let us help too the men to Christ,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
I've followed y'all for a few years now. Always cry when I hear His Eye is On the Sparrow. Loved the Brazilian/African Drums sessions at the Century Ballroom. Bless you all. Is the Jumbled Up Choir still going on? I am interested in joining if it is.
Pat - it was great meeting you on KCTS Connects - I am so impressed by your vision, commitment and service! I look forward to connecting somehow soon. All the best, Kristin
Hey my family and I jus wanted to come and show support on your page. We also say the young boy audition on american idol with his sister. You guys came and sang at our church in August of 2006 in Ann Arbor,MI where Rev. Mark J. Lyons is Pastor of Second Baptist Church.
Hello there! I worked wiyh you guys on the Wheedles Grove CD..
Love seeing the pictures! We love you Sally Balcom-Reavis
Hi Pat, Do you have CD's for sale? We would love to buy some. Thanks, Leslie
Great singing and work your group did for the Katrina hurricane victums. The article in the Seattle Times was a great story by Nicole Brodeur. Praise God for your tenacity and beautiful outreach.
I am so proud to know all of you now through my Great Niece Kalia Hobbs. I spent the afternoon with feelings of such joy for who and what your choir are doing and accomplishing. I look forward to hearing your voices again soon and wish so much that I could join with you. Your joy is contaigious.
I joined to the concert in Japan the other day. I was most imprressed by your beautiful sounds and energy. It was the best concert that I've ever met in my life. I wish I could join to your workshop some day. And I'm looking forward to meet your harmony in Japan again. By the way do you have your own CDs?
I remember coming to Rainier Temple years ago, around 1985 or 1986. I was about 11 years old, and wanted to join your choir. You must remember my Father James Bates; the piano player. I will definetely be purchasing some of your music soon.
Praise God for the vessel of worship Pastor Patrinel Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir,and May He continue to use you all.
come back to sequim for a workshop! It was amazing working with you in 2005
Love your music. Do you have CDs of your music and are they for sale?
We have so enjoyed your music. Do you have any CDs available? We would be very interested in obtaining them.
What a wonderful blessing it was to meet you and the Choir at Applebee's in Gulfport, MS. I was with the group filledxstream. God has truly blessed all of you. He is a great God and has much love for us all. He is truly working wonders in our nation today. The Spirit of the Lord is real and people are searching for something that is real. Many blessings upon all of you as you travel for Gods work. Love in Christ, Roger and Jo Ann Young
I am sitting here still in awe of the concert given by y'all tonite. I have to say that the spirit was felt the moment you began singing and I think you have voices of angels! There is no doubt in my mind that I have been to "church" tonite and I am so thankful for each and every one of you! You are all beautiful and I thank God for you coming down to the coast to be with us!
In 1993 or 1994 I was a choral student at WSU and Pat Wright brought a few of her talented singers/musicians for a one-day workshop, followed by a concert of us singing the songs. To this day, it is the most moving, spiritual experience I have ever had. Thank you for that gift. It stays tucked in my heart, always.
It was a pleasure and a priveledge to see you sing in Chicago. Thank you for sharing your uplifting voices. May God Bless You as He has blessed me!
Have followed you for years in a quiet way. Now my Granddaughter is singing with you(Elan). What a blissing you are to her and to all who a touched by the spirit you bring to them. The "holy spirit". Thank you so much Pat for following the Lords instructions to you.
I love this choir you guys came to Sequim and i really loved singing with the whole choir..Thanks so much for the experience and the solo...Hope to see you when you come to Central Washington in the Fall
I just wanted to send a message to the group from our case managers at Katrina Aid Today / Mississippi Protection and Advocacy to say that we are so excited about the choir coming down to work with us. our clients all have disabilities and the complexities of dealing with their situations in the hurricane aftermath can be very overwhelming. But we are plugging away and determined to make a difference in their lives! We can't wait to meet you all and are excited about the opportunity to experience your singing! Thanks again and God bless you all!
Hi Friends, I wish you a wonderful & safe trip - I wish I could travel with you! Take Care and best Wishes from Germany!
Total Experience Gospel Choir...when I listen to this choir it gives me peace, joy & inspiration...thank you for the beautiful experience. Brigette Braves
My wife and I first of your choir this year at the Folk Life Festival. We heard your last song of the day and we were both very inspired by it. As we were walking away we were handed a flyer regarding the Town Hall Benifit Concert for Hurricane Relief. We both were very excited to attend to both listen to wonderful Christaian Gospel music and to help with the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. I so much wished that all my childeren could have attended with us, It was such a wonderful experiance for my wife and I. We have been attending church in Woodinville Wa. for 16 years and although I enjoy the music there nothing has stirred me the way your music did. Your music touches the very soul of a person. We would like to know which church you are a Pastor at and can we come and visit your church? Please keep up the good work touching peoples lives with the word of the lord through your amazing ministry. Randy & Linda Holland
Pastor Wright, you are a very accomplished woman, under whom I am interested in gaining some of your knowledge. I can be reached at 206-877-3637. Some vocal experience, and a strong willingness to be a part of TEMC.
Patrinell Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir welcomed the runners of the World Harmony Run into Seattle last year...and in their 11,000 miles of running through America and the thousands of lives they touched, they were most joyous and inspired by the songs and smiles and oneness of your musical offering. We are so grateful and hope that we can do it again!
I recently attended benefit concert for the homeless ministries and really enjoyed Total Experience Choir. Thanks again for the wonderful singing! We will try to attend Seattle's Town Hall performance on June 3rd.
Wow...what a night! Thank you so much for coming to Leavenworth and performing at Sleeping Lady. We hope you will visit us again soon. I can't remember in my 5 years of attending concerts here when I have ever heard such an enthusiastic response for a performance. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.
I have your most recently produced 2-CD recording. How can I purchase other CDs by TEGC? Thank you.
Thank you, Pastor Pat, for being at the Martin Luther King Day celebration at Tukwila Elementary School. You were totally awesome with those kids (and adults). After listening to you sing, I am looking forward to listening to the whole choir. Please email me where their next performance will be held. Thank you again.
Hey ya'll!! Just wanted to say hey and I'm thinking about ya. Love you all!! Peace
I never feel more alive than when I hear Pastor Pat and The Choir sing. Thank you for brightening my world with your music!
Amazing! Bles you all Real Good!
Where are you singing in Seattle this Christmas season?
Saw you in Wenatchee. Wow! Would love to hear how I can get some of your recorded music.


Pastor Pat Wright